Aiming to create new value in the field of mobility
with advanced semiconductor electronics technology

MIRISE Technologies, our new company for the developing next-generation mobility semiconductors, has now been established.

"MIRISE Technologies" is derived from "Mobility Innovative Research Institute for SEmiconductor Technologies." The name we have chosen represents our mission to develop semiconductors that revolutionize global mobility in order to further advance toward and improve the future, as well as the passion that we have for this mission. It also comes from the Japanese word "Mirai" (future) and the English word "Rise."

By combining Toyota's years of mobility-focused expertise and DENSO's long history of in-vehicle-focused expertise, MIRISE Technologies is working toward the early development of the next generation of in-vehicle semiconductors. These semiconductors will be the key to technological innovation in electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles, from both a car and a component perspective.

We aim to create a mobility society that is environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable, with semiconductor electronics from MIRISE Technologies at its core.

MIRISE Technologies

President and Representative Director, Yoshifumi Kato


Corporate Mission

We create new value in mobility through advanced semiconductor electronics technology to deliver a future and bring happiness to the earth, society, and all people.

Management Policy

  • We contribute to commercialization through innovative technologies and bring new delight to our customers.
  • We create change and lead the development of society.
  • We value people and nature and live in harmony with society.
  • We respect individuality and independence.

Employee Behavior

  • We are committed to being the best in the world, and holding onto our dreams as we take on the next challenge.
  • We understand and respect each other and work together wholeheartedly.
  • We take pride in our work and collaborate with the world's brightest minds.


Company Name
MIRISE Technologies Corporation
April 1, 2020
President and Representative Director
Yoshifumi Kato
JPY 50 million
Approx. 530
Equity Ratio
DENSO Corporation: 51%
Toyota Motor Corporation: 49%
Business Description
Research and development of in-vehicle semiconductors and development of electrical components that use semiconductors


Head Office

500-1 Minamiyama, Komenoki-cho, Nisshin, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0111

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Hirose Lab

543 Kirigahora, Nishihirose-cho, Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0309

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  • Kariya Lab

    1-1 Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, 448-8661

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  • Shinagawa Lab

    4F Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 2-16-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075

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