MIRISE Technologies (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") believes that protecting the personal information of all individuals who have provided such information to the Company is an important responsibility for any company that handles personal information.
We have created the following Privacy Policy and strive to protect any stored personal information that we have received from our customers by putting safety management measures in place in accordance with laws, guidelines and our internal regulations to prevent leakage, misappropriation or alteration of said information.
We will also train our employees on proper procedures for handling personal information, etc., and endeavor to make every effort to protect said information.

Personal Information
Personal information as referred to in this Privacy Policy includes any information provided to the Company that can be used to personally identify a customer or that is specific to a customer, such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses.
Obtaining Personal Information
As a general rule, the personal information obtained by our company is information provided (registered) by the customer at their own discretion.
Personal information shall be obtained only to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives stated to the customer. If you do not wish to provide (register) personal information to the Company, you may refuse to provide it at your own discretion. In such cases, you may not be able to use any services that require personal information.
Purpose and Restrictions on Usage of Personal Information
The Company uses the obtained personal information for the following purposes.
  • The planning, research, development including vehicle running test, quality improvement, operation or sale of the products and services we handle (, or the provision of relevant information about such products and services
  • Answers and responses to customer questions, requests and applications
If the Company obtains or uses customer personal information for any other purpose, the Company shall notify the customer of the purpose of use and how said information will be used at the point when the personal information is obtained, or shall make an announcement in advance. In addition, personal information may be used as statistical data in a form that does not allow individuals to be identified.
Non-disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company shall not disclose any personal information provided (registered) by customers to any third party. However, this shall not be the case if any of the following apply.
  • If the customer has given their consent
  • If there is a need to disclose the personal information of customers for purposes already disclosed to the customer to group companies, collaborating companies, partner companies and subcontracted companies who have agreements in place with the Company to protect your personal information
  • If the personal data has been processed into statistical data that cannot be used to personally identify customers
  • If the disclosure of personal information is required by law
Inquiries, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
If you would like to make any inquiries about your personal information, or would like to correct or delete any personal information, please contact our customer services below and apply via the procedure specified by the Company. Once we have confirmed your identity, we will disclose your personal information within a reasonable period of time and carry out any corrections or deletions as required.
Contact Us
If you would like to check your own personal information, please contact the department that responded to you or use the separate contact details provided by the Company when you provided your personal information.
If you do not know who to get in contact with or have a question about any of the personal information that you have provided on the Company's website, please get in contact with us using the contact form below.
Management of Personal Information
All personal information obtained from customers is strictly managed by those in charge of Information Management and Website Management, and suitable measures have been taken to prevent any leakage, misappropriation or alteration.
If any of the Company's websites include any other special provisions, such as a Terms of Service, those provisions shall take precedence over this Privacy Policy.
Handling Personal Information on the Website
When you make an inquiry via this website you may be asked to enter your personal information. The Company shall strive to protect your personal information by implementing appropriate safety management measures in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
All other parts of the website can be visited without disclosing your personal information.
Use of Web Beacons
This website contains pages that use web beacon technology to track how many times specific pages have been accessed. The statistics obtained by these web beacons may be used for purposes including improving the website, and may also be used to display advertisements, etc. on other companies' websites that have partnered with us, based on your browsing history on this website.
Use of Logged Information
When you use this website, we record access log information including the IP address you are using. This information is used to help us understand how our website is being used, and will not be used to identify the user on any page other than those that require user authentication.
Handling of Personal Information on Linked Websites
We are not responsible for the collection of personal information on the websites of other companies we have referred to on this website.
Additional Notices
The Company may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments shall take effect once an announcement has been made on this website.