MIRISE Technologies
Health Declaration

We at MIRISE Technologies believe that our company is further energized when all employees are in good health and are able to express their individual abilities and personalities.

We also believe the smiles and enthusiasm that come from a healthy mind and body attract people and are the driving force behind the creation of an invigorated company.

As stated in the basic philosophy of MIRISE Technologies, to deliver the future and bring happiness to the earth, society, and all people, we aim to be a company where employees are healthier and can work vigorously and energetically into the future.

January 26, 2022

MIRISE Technologies

President and CEO

sign of Yoshifumi Kato

Promotion Structure

Promotion Structure

Main Initiatives

  1. 1. Identify Employee Health Issues and Implement Necessary Measures

    • We have achieved 100% regular health checkups among employees
    • We provide an environment where all employees can undergo stress screening tess every year, and those with high levels of stress are given the opportunity to receive counseling. In addition, reports on the results of group analysis are provided to the entire company and each workplace, and efforts are made to continuously improve the workplace.
    Stress Screening Examinee Rate
    Implementation Year 2020 2021 2022
    Percentage of Examinees (%) 94.8 97.4 96.7
  2. 2. Creating an Environment Conducive to Health Management Practices

    • We have set company targets for overtime hours, health management hours, and the number of hours of paid leave taken in order to reduce the number of employees working long hours, promote the use of paid leave, and promote the realization of a work-life balance.
    • We are working with the DENSO Health Promotion Department and other related departments to implement measures to reduce smoking, metabolic syndrome, and other issues. We are also striving to introduce and operate systems that make work easier for all employees, regardless of age or gender.
  3. 3. Promoting the Mental and Physical Health of Employees

    • We are working to raise health awareness among employees through health guidance from industrial physicians and messages from the health and safety committee, in addition to encouraging employees to participate in health seminars, lectures, and various exercise events.